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Genuinebeauty International is a globalized enterprise group integrating research and development, manufacturing, sales and services. Committed to discovering and redefining beauty and growth, it strikes to provide customers with premium products and services, create business development opportunities for its partners and build a better world by upholding sound operation, continuous innovation and openness to cooperation. Genuinebeauty International is engaged in scientific body shaping, health & beauty and other areas, its signature products include L’IEVEILL shapewear and Sheenmaine Concentrated Essence.



L’IEVEILL means “revival” in French, it’s the revival of consciousness and body. Physical and  conscious revival helps expressing ultimate charm while beautiful revival assists in getting a wonderful life. . L’IEVEILL, a shapewear brand dedicated to building up its international high-end reputation, selects a famous shapewear fabric – LYCRA BEAUTY as its garment fabric. The shapewear made by the unique hexagonal weaving method along with professional cutting is specialized in shaping but without tight feeling. What’s more, wearing with professional adjusting technique, the shapewear product effect results instantly.

蕾薇尔,源自法语L’Eveil,意为“苏醒”,寓意为身体和心灵的苏醒:让身心苏醒,发挥极致魅力;让美丽苏醒,助就人生精彩。蕾薇尔美体内衣,一个致力于塑造国际高端美体内衣的品牌,选用塑身衣明星面料——LYCRA BEAUTY(莱卡纤维)明星面料,以独特的六角菱形编制手法,专业剪裁,编织塑型而不紧绷的美体内衣,再配以专业的调拨手法,产品效果立竿见影。

L’IEVEILL shapewear adopts a customer-centric and quality-oriented product strategy and upholds the design concept of  ” A shapewear can be dressed for YOGA” . It combines western noble design and is made from the newly developed invista Lycra woven in a unique hexagonal diamond shape; it is close fitting but not tight, and can make the subcutaneous fat of women distribute appropriately. With the tailoring and regular follow-up services provided by our professional body designers, many customers have achieved a perfect curvaceous figure and retrieved their beauty and confidence. The product is highly praised by customers and named as the ” modern leader in shapewear world”.

L’IEVEILL shapewear has always stuck to the brand mission of ” A happy life with a healthy curve”, the brand value of ” The growth of a woman if more important than her success”, the brand purpose of “Dedication for Delivering Happiness” to make female friends beautiful from the inside out. L’IEVEILL Shapewear is committed to improving the body shape and wisdom of women, help them realize personal transformation to find their own confidence, personal growth, and success in both career and family.