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L’IEVEILL shapewear – Corset – Man

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  • Clipping cultivate one’s morality – V-shaped cutting for male waist interface, with block pressure design, surround close, smooth waist and belly fat
  • Alloy bar design – According to fat flow theory and ergonomic principle, alloy strip is used in the front abdomen to push fat into the pressure area, and humanized layer by layer balanced locking fat
  • LycRA elastic fiber – Elastic fiber, soft and comfortable, breathable and sweat-absorbing, conducive to movement, not easy to deformation



1, tailored code design, not tight, warm in winter and cool in summer material, the use of memory alloy bar, energy stone, far infrared technology, can be very good to straighten the spine, dredging channels and collaterals, blood ventilation and constipation, easy to solve the beer belly!
2. Far infrared accelerates alcohol decomposition and detoxification, and has a protective effect on the liver. Accelerate the metabolism of ethanol, promote alcohol out of the body quickly, reduce the harm of drunk.
3. Through the far infrared thermal effect, it can increase the vitality of cells, regulate the neurohumoral mechanism, strengthen metabolism, and make the substance exchange in the body in a stable state, thus effectively delaying the aging rate.
4, according to the human body mechanics, human bionics, human aesthetics, human physiology, biochemistry and fat free science and other scientific principles of design and cutting, correctly guide the flow of fat, fat flow, fat from the shift and positioning, to achieve the best effect of fat uniform distribution, real body shaping.
5, activate the activation of living cells, promote blood circulation, accelerate lymph circulation, involved in many metabolic processes on cigarettes is contained in the various harmful substance has a degradation effect, can help smokers to reduce free radicals and lipid peroxidation damage caused by the body cells, and decomposition of far infrared and detoxifying effect is particularly obvious.


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