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L’IEVEILL Underpants-Man

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  • Stereoscopic traceless release male charm
  • Skin-friendly comfort-Free yourself from restraint
  • Climbing-inspired cut-The new 3D design concept conforms to the three-dimensional clipping of the crotch structure of the human body, and the naked feeling is skin-friendly without curling



1, far infrared thermal effect, effective antibacterial eliminate damp odor, establish private health.
2, break through the traditional magnetic wire process, made through the point coating process, with increased nerve conduction speed and muscle stretching ability, relax muscles, and eliminate accumulated fatigue substances and lactic acid and other aging waste, to eliminate swelling, relieve pain has a good effect.
3, exclusive three-dimensional cutting technology, three-dimensional space, one cabin and two rooms, the space is no longer crowded.
4, one chamber two chamber gun shell separation, JJDD exclusive and unique space, penis scrotal connection of the lower node separation open, urethral opening jumped through the ring hole into the penis warehouse for independent protection.
5, scrotal polygon “honeycomb”, effectively increase the efficiency of air circulation, greatly shorten the heat dissipation time, compared with cotton products can reduce 2-3 degrees Celsius.
6. Regenerated cellulose fiber is softer than other fabrics, with better strength and toughness, and has significantly higher moisture absorption and sweat drainage capacity than pure cotton products.
7, the special process and formula to ensure the antibacterial performance of high efficiency and lasting, silver ions make bacterial protein coagulation, promote the death of bacteria. Effectively reduce and eliminate odor, and sustainable emission of negative ions and far infrared, improve microcirculation, activate cells, slow down fatigue.


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