Healthy Life Technology Ltd

1. Improve the chest shape, slender waist, buttock lifting, thin legs and other sculpture perfect female curve. 2. Change women's bad sitting posture, standing posture and other bad living habits, prevent spine deformation, straight posture. 3. Effectively consume and adjust abdominal, waist, back, leg and armpit fat, effectively prevent the potential disease caused by obesity. 4. Proper body-building pressure can promote the circulation of capillaries on the surface of the body, stimulate and activate the enzymes in the blood, and thus produce a series of biochemical reactions, so that blood lipids and cholesterol can be decomposed and discharged from the body; Proper abdominal pressure can obviously support and fix the viscera, prevent and eliminate gastric ptosis or twelve intestinal ptosis and other hidden dangers. 5. The effect of appropriate pressure and humanized design can accelerate blood circulation and produce friction in cells, which is very effective in stimulating and maintaining female second characteristics, regulating physiological cycle, strengthening metabolism, promoting body detoxification and preventing and alleviating female diseases. 6. It is good for blood circulation, ventilation and defecation, mediating vitality, beautifying skin and delaying aging.